23rd November 2017

Rebecca photo for website

I wanted to donate with my first daughter and looked into it but due to needing physio, visiting family across the country and issues with breastfeeding initially (thrush, mastitis, latch problems) it took a long time to get into a routine and I didn’t feel ready. I still had a lot of excess milk and had to pump regularly to freeze for my daughter.
When my second daughter was born I was determined that I would donate this time around. After an easier delivery I was able to cope better with similar breastfeeding issues I experienced with my first daughter. I was also ready to pump when my milk came in…and boy did it come in thick and fast. My daughter gained weight in the first 5 days instead of the usual loss! So I began to pump and freeze and got into a routine of pumping as part of our daily lives. My eldest was fascinated to hear about where my milk was going and kept telling all her friends about it. It was amazing to see all the colours and consistency when we got it all out to hand over. I donated several batches and only had to stop as I went back to work and struggled with the time. All the staff were approachable and friendly and the process was very easy. It’s a shame I didn’t do it earlier!
It’s such a rewarding experience and one that I would love to do again should I have any more children.