Donor Feedback

Such a wonderful gift for those babies that need it. It’s such a simple thing to do if you are already breastfeeding. I donated alongside feeding my twins and I feel so grateful I could do this.

On a rough motherhood day I received a thank you letter and certificate for me and my baby. That appreciation and gratitude left me in tears. Exactly what a mum needs on a difficult day. Thank you for the amazing experience.

A fantastic service, everyone was so helpful and it was easy to do and so fulfilling knowing you might be helping other families in need.

The milk bank has been brilliant through my donating period. Very helpful and efficient.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that along with my own breastfeeding journey with my baby that my oversupply of milk has been able to help give the best start.

Lovely friendly and supportive team, easy to do & would definitely donate milk again.

I’m pleased my milk can help premature and sick babies and that my time and effort expressing wasn’t waisted.

A very well organised milk bank – all staff were very professional and friendly. All the documents and the process seemed organised. One way to improve might be the milk collection time could be more specific (say in an hour time frame) rather than a morning time frame but I understand that this might be tricky. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I felt very valued- thank you!

Thank you so much for the work you do. I have loved being a donor and found the process of donating with you very easy!

From the start of the process to very end, it’s been wonderful donating to the Milk Bank. A very positive thing to look back on in terms of mine and my daughter’s breastfeeding journey.

Great service and fantastic collection drivers!

Fantastic service and always there to support and answer questions when needed. I’m glad my milk could be of use to other babies and the Milk Bank were able to arrange everything with such ease.

Donating milk helped me overcome the end of my breastfeeding journey,  I finished off by donating some and it helped close that chapter for me.

I loved every moment, knowing I was helping other babies whist still feeding my own. The milk bank team are so helpful and supportive and no question ever to big or too small for them to answer. If I have another baby I would 100% do it again and try and beat my target. Thank you for helping me in my breastfeeding journey.

I loved donating to the milk bank and it kept me going with pumping as it gave me a purpose.

Really great experience, would’ve happily donated for longer if I could and would do again if I have another baby.

Just to say I originally tried to register when baby was about 3 months old but it didn’t go through on the website apparently. This was a shame as I could have donated a lot more. But I have to say the people at the milk bank when I rang up were fantastic and so helpful. I really enjoyed my experience and will be recommending it to and local new bf mums I know. Thank you.

Amazing experience from start to finish.