Laura and George

16th November 2018

George was born 8 weeks early at 4lb 10 and was whisked of to the neonatal unit where he stayed for 3 weeks. I was introduced to the lovely yellow breast pump which quickly became my friend and luckily I was successful with expressing and George was able to receive my milk. I was also very aware of the struggles that other Mums had on the unit who were not as lucky to be able to express or for other reasons their babies needed to receive donor milk, a concept that I was unaware of until that point.
Due to the early introduction of the pump it meant that I became an over-supplier and one of the nurses on the unit suggested to me that I could donate.
Not long after we got George home, we had 2 drawers in the freezer full of expressed milk so I got signed up. The process was so easy, all of the collection bottles were sent out to me and I got started straight away.  The staff have been lovely, helping with any queries and arranging the monthly collections to accommodate my son’s busy social life of baby groups. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to donate and hope that some other tiny babies have benefitted.