4th March 2016

My two sons were both prem babies my eldest was in NICU for two weeks and I witnessed first hand these special tiny babies that were poorly. One mum stuck in my mind as she was travelling from Manchester to Tameside everyday by bus and was not able to express milk, her milk dried up and I saw her extremely upset next to her baby’s incubator.
At this stage as a new mum I didn’t know about milk donation. Years later I met a lady called Dawn Hockey a trustee of Mummy’s Star and she told me about her story, which was that due to her being diagnosed with cancer whilst she was pregnant and the chemo treatment she was undergoing she was unable to feed her newborn son and fought to get donor milk. After hearing this I made my mind up that when we had a third childĀ I would donate milk.

Two years later I have a little girl who has enabled me to fulfil this dream. I have a close affiliation with Mummy’s Star and kickstarted my milk donation to raise money for them as part of a local Glossop 9 day challenge (PenNine Days) to express 90mls a day for 9 days, this has been the perfect pairing up of two fantastic charities and I am excited about the beginning of my donation journey.