6th May 2016

When William was born almost seven years ago I’d not heard of the Milk Bank but I knew more about it when I found out I was pregnant again a year later and decided to see if I could donate when George was born.

I had no clue that four years later I’d be carrying twins!  Nancy and Violet were born at almost 37 weeks and seemed to be feeding well.  Unfortunately they weren’t feeding as effectively as we’d hoped and were still passing meconium, despite feeding frequently, by day three.

I knew there was no question of use using donor milk whilst I worked on expressing to bring my milk supply in.  When we left hospital on day six the girls were having donor milk top ups and my own expressed milk.

We were able to have a couple of litres of donor milk at home and within two weeks the girls had exceeded their birthweight and were exclusively breastfeeding.

Donor milk has helped protect their virgin gut and enabled me to breastfeed successfully, dropping the top ups as quickly as possible.  We’re so grateful that donor milk waw available and the girls are thriving at six months and we’re donating milk back to the Milk Bank.