15th November 2017

Jennie photo for website

As a midwife I know the huge benefit to donor breastmilk. When my second son was born at 29 weeks (18th July 2016) I initially thought it would be us using donor milk as I wasn’t able to express a lot due to the upset/stress. I was, however, rather determined to breastfeed and expressed/powerpumped to increase my supply. 

Due to Sam’s prematurity he was only on small feeds, that were even stopped over a few days when he was transferred to another hospital. This meant the amount of expressed milk I had quickly mounted up, I ended up with 2 very full shelves in the neonatal unit freezer and thought the best way to make use of the excess was to donate to the milk bank.
The process to sign up was easy, and the staff were all very helpful. I was able to donate a few large volumes and small amounts after until our breastfeeding was established. I feel so proud to have helped others like my boy 💙