1st December 2017

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My little boy was born prematurely and unable to feed for many weeks. With the help and support from wonderful staff at SCBU I’d got to grips with expressing and building up a huge supply and a wonderful stock pile of breast milk for my baby. I only have one breast so supply was so important, by the time I had got my baby home my supply was enormous and he was only taking 35ml feeds at the time so my wonderful health visitor Katy told me about becoming a donor for the human milk bank. It made sense and I almost felt like I was giving something back to help other babies born sick and too soon. Breast milk is so so important to premature babies and I had milk in abundance. Months down the line I managed to get my baby feeding direct from the breast and with my healthy supply I could still spare 3-4 litres a month. It was a perfect situation all round and the women who work at the milk bank are wonderful. They go above and beyond to ensure it’s a smooth process and that you have everything you need. My baby is now almost 11 months old a thriving which means we are no longer donating. I’m so happy he was able to share my milk with many poorly babies.

Would I donate again? Absolutely
Was the process time consuming? Absolutely not
Simply wonderful