22nd June 2018

I¬†know how vital breast milk is for premature and poorly babies in the neonatal unit to prevent serious gut problems. Ideally this is their mother’s milk but this isn’t always possible. That’s one of the times donor milk is needed.

Donating my breast milk is something I’ve wanted to do since I breastfed my eldest (now 5) but the time wasn’t right. Baby 2 came along and life was pretty busy. Baby 3 arrived and life was even busier. But then I read an amazing post from a local mum who donated her breast milk when her baby passed away. It really struck me. The time felt right. I picked up the phone to NorthWest Milk Bank the very next day and started pumping.

My final donation was collected last month – making 92 bottles! What a privilage! Thank you to my baby 3 for sharing her milk. Thank you to the wonderful local mum and her precious son. Thank you to all the staff at the milk bank and Welsh blood bikers (a charity) for collecting and delivering the milk.