How Milk is Processed


Milk is placed in a fridge to defrost. Each donor’s milk is processed separately, we never mix milk from different donors. Milk has to be processed within 3 months of expression.

Mixing, sieving, bottling and labelling

When fully defrosted, the milk is sieved into stainless steel jugs and mixed thoroughly. Milk is poured into 50ml or 100ml bottles and sealed with a tamper proof foil seal. Each bottle is labelled with an expiry date and a unique batch and bottle number.


A sample from each batch is sent for microbiology screening before it is pasteurised. If the sample is contaminated that batch of milk is discarded.

Analysing Milk for Macronutrients

The macronutrient value of each batch of milk is analysed (fat, protein, carbohydrate, total solids and calories) using our Miris milk analysing equipment.


The bottles of milk are placed into metal baskets and put into one of our pasteurisers. Milk is pasteurised at 62.5 degrees for 30 minutes, the pasteuriser then rapidly cools the milk to 4 degrees.


Pasteurised Milk

Once the process is complete the milk is stored in freezers. When we have received the results of microbiology tests it will be ready to be sent to hospitals.