Why choose the Milk Bank @ Chester?

The Milk Bank @ Chester is the largest NHS milk bank in the UK and is fully compliant with NICE Guideline 93 and HACCP principles. Reasons to choose the Milk Bank @ Chester to supply your donor milk include:

  • The Milk Bank @ Chester is an NHS service
  • Milk is available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, from our hub in Chester and our satellites in Hull Royal Infirmary, King’s Mill Hospital (Mansfield), Royal Preston Hospital and University Hospital of South Manchester in Wythenshawe
  • Milk is always available
  • We comply with NICE guidelines and HACCP principles
  • All donors are screened for HIV 1-2, HTLV 1-2, Hepatitis and Syphilis
  • Each batch of milk is microbiology tested for contamination during the pasteurisation process
  • Every bottle of donor milk is supplied with its macronutrient content including fat, calorie, carbohydrate and protein content
  • We have supplied donor milk to over 70 hospitals throughout England, Ireland and Wales – you can read quotes from health professionals who have used our service here

We are continually developing our satellite networks, if you feel your area would benefit from such a facility please get in touch.