Why choose the Milk Bank @ Chester?

The Milk Bank @ Chester is the largest NHS milk bank in the UK and is fully compliant with NICE Guideline 93 and HACCP principles. Reasons to choose the Northwest Human Milk Bank to supply your donor milk include:

  • The Milk Bank @ Chester is an NHS service
  • Milk is available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, from our hub in Chester and our satellites in Hull, Preston and Wythenshawe
  • Milk is always available
  • We comply with NICE guidelines and HACCP principles
  • All donors are screened for HIV 1-2, HTLV 1-2, Hepatitis and Syphilis
  • Each batch of milk is microbiology tested for contamination during the pasteurisation process
  • Every bottle of donor milk is labelled with its macronutrient content including fat, calorie, carbohydrate and protein content –  you can find out about our Miris analyser in this video
  • We have supplied donor milk to over 70 hospitals throughout England, Ireland and Wales – you can read quotes from health professionals who have used our service here

We are continually developing our satellite networks, if you feel your area would benefit from such a facility please get in touch.

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