Katie and Isla-Rose

7th July 2022

Due to Isla-Rose having blood transfusions, being unwell and not being able to stomach her feeds at times, it meant she wasn’t able to have much milk, I had produced 🥛

After Isla-Rose passed away, I decided that I wanted to donate my milk to help other premature and sick babies 👶🏼 I had lots stored already at Birmingham’s Women’s Hospital and when I got home I carried on expressing 💗

On 18th April, I have made the decision to end my expressing journey after SIX weeks ❤️ When I came home from the hospital, my milk reduced rapidly, despite expressing frequently. However, I carried on expressing as much as I could. It may not look like a lot but I know that this milk will help other premature and sick babies 💗

I have LOVED every second of expressing and wish I was able to express for longer. I am very emotional that my journey has come to an end but I am also very proud of myself 🧡

I am proud to dontate OVER 2588ml of my milk in honour of Isla-Rose 🌹🤍