22nd March 2014

IvyWhen I found out I was pregnant aside from being extremely excited, I knew I wanted to breast feed as it was something I am very passionate about. However I knew I may have some difficulty as 10 years ago I underwent corrective surgery on one of my breasts.

When my baby girl was born we leapt straight into the breast feeding journey and to begin with, we breast fed successfully. After a few days it became apparent that we were struggling slightly as my little girl had a tongue tie. Due to this and the surgery I had on my breast I became very anxious and worried about my supply. Ivy’s tongue tie was fixed however I needed to supplement but did not want to use formula as I was so close to breast feeding exclusively, this was a touchy subject in our house hold and led to me feeling very torn between what to do.

This was when donor breast milk was offered to me along with support from the feeding coordinator and from Lynda. Donor milk bridged the gap we needed and meant that by 4 weeks of age we were exclusively breast feeding and at 13 weeks of age we still are, and plan to do so for some time to come. Without donor milk my story may have been very different and I am very grateful to Lynda, the staff that work with Lynda and all the mums who do a fantastic job of donating their spare milk. My daughter loves breast feeding and so do I.

Update at 6 months
We are still breast feeding well at 6 months and my little girl is thriving, I still owe many thanks to the donor bank for making this all possible.

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