Recipient Stories

Stories from some of our recipient families – if you would like your story to feature here we would love to hear from you. If you would like your baby to receive donor breast milk, please contact us and we will explain the process. Please note that we are an NHS service and all milk requests must be supported by a referral from a medical professional.

12th November 2018

My baby received milk from the milk bank whilst on NICU at the Countess of Chester hospital. He was 6 weeks premature and I had had a c section. It meant my baby could have breast milk whilst he was... read more.

Sarah-Jane and Ruairi

14th November 2017

My daughter was born 4 weeks early in February weighing 4lbs. I was unable to feed her myself due to my own health issues. She was given donor milk for the first week of her life while in neo natal.... read more.


6th May 2016

When William was born almost seven years ago I’d not heard of the Milk Bank but I knew more about it when I found out I was pregnant again a year later and decided to see if I could donate... read more.


9th October 2014

Our daughter Raffaella was born at 37 weeks gestation weighing 6lb. Due to my heart condition and the birth of Raffaella by caesarean section I was unable to initiate skin to skin contact or breastfeeding immediately after birth. Raffaella was... read more.


22nd March 2014

When I found out I was pregnant aside from being extremely excited, I knew I wanted to breast feed as it was something I am very passionate about. However I knew I may have some difficulty as 10 years ago... read more.


8th October 2013

If you need donated breast milk you most certainly can get it- after being told by midwives and a paediatrician that we could not have any donated breast milk for our daughter we got it (despite not being on the... read more.


1st October 2013

Just a short message to thank you so much for your invaluable help a few weeks ago: My wife ended up having an operation under general anethestic following a freek accident and was kept in hospital overnight. Without the donor... read more.


20th February 2011

When my son Hugo was born on the 20th of November, two days after my due date, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to breastfeed him. As soon as he was born he was very... read more.

Baby Hugo

15th February 2011

Just wanted to say thank you! I’d been made aware of the milk bank by a friend and was looking into donating when my 8 week old daughter was taken into the Countess. Although I tried expressing, I was one... read more.

Mandy Lewis

4th June 2010

Holly was born prematurely and, at 26 weeks gestation and just 540g, she was tiny and extremely vulnerable. Breast milk had been recommended by midwives during antenatal checkups but I hadn’t really given feeding much thought before Holly arrived. Once... read more.

Baby Holly