Pjyama Day Fundraiser!

16th February 2012

Children from Frodsham Manor House Primary dressed up in their pyjamas to spend the day at school.

Thank you once again to Eve Ablett who took the idea to her Headteacher. The children raised over £200 for the milk bank which is fantastic.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAEve commented: “It all started when I saw my mum putting some mother’s milk in a donating bottle. I asked what it was for, and my mum told me all about Lynda Coulter and the Human Milk Bank. Ever since, I have always had an interest in it. I think it was just the wish of helping to make tiny babies better.”

“A little while ago, I made cakes and sold them to my family. I was pleased with the total £1.70, but I wanted to make much more money for the milk bank. With that ambition, I planned for a pyjama day at my school, Frodsham Manor Primary. It worked, and nearly everyone cam to school in their pyjamas. The total of £222 really pleased me. My mum and I went to the milk bank to drop it off. Lynda showed us around. The machines were amazing!”

“I would like to give a special thank you to all the teachers and pupils at my school especially my head teacher, Mr Devereaux-Roberts, for helping to make this possible.”

Pictured are Eve and her friends in their pyjamas!!