NW Blood Bikes – run to Milton Keynes

30th August 2011

BloodBike2Once again the North West Blood Bikes have helped our milk bank and we are so very grateful for all their help and support. Graham Jones tells us all about his journey!

“We were asked by Mrs L Coulter, manager of the Chester Milk Bank, for help in transporting 9.8 litres of Human Breast Milk to a struggling baby in Milton Keynes. After a short delay with the Milk Bank’s protocol, we decided to do the run on Friday 18 August.

I left the Countess of Chester Hospital at 09.45am knowing that the M6 was closed at junction 18. I made my way around to j17 and headed south towards Birmingham, I immediately came across heavy traffic, start stop start stop etc. (who had forgotten it was the ‘V’ festival then?) After numerous ducks, dives and weaves I made it passed Birmingham to the M1 arriving at the destination at 14.15pm.

I left Milton Keynes at 14.45pm for the homeward journey, in my mind, M1-M6-home? Don’t be silly Graham that’s too simple isn’t it?

Getting nearer the M6 the matrix signs said ‘M6 closed j2-j3’ (here we go again) So I trundled up the M1 to the A50 and headed towards Stoke-on Trent, got on the M6 at j15 and headed north only to find it shut again!!! So I came off the motorway network again and headed up the A34 to Manchester and then home, at 20.00pm.

All in all a tiring day but needs must and a baby was helped again by the Blood Bike network. The reason for not transferring to a colleague from another area is the box I was using is the only one they have of that size so needed returning.”

For more information, visit North West Blood Bikes at www.nwbloodbikes.org